Mauricio Wan 

A brilliant writer with a hunger for life, my old friend and frequent collaborator chronicles countless dreams. Check out his ever-growing collection of short stories for a window into a truly human soul.

Kyle McKernan

A peerless graphic designer and game developer, my youngest brother's a creative force of nature. His bright imagination can bring a smile to even the darkest day.

Brendan McKernan

A dauntless illustrator with talent to spare, my younger brother’s quiet nature hides his passion for excellence. For him, each day offers a new chance to hone his skills.

Oz Hatke

A gifted teacher, photographer, and game designer, Oz is ready to try anything in pursuit of fun and creativity. There are many artists in the world, but few as enthusiastic and generous.

Jaclyn Sinquett

An outstanding painter, sculptor, and illustrator and purveyor of cuteness, Jaclyn's skills are as sharp as her wit. Her humility and kindness kindle unparalleled depths of devotion and friendship.

Feras Khagani

A determined illustrator and animator, Feras is quick with a quip and never without a mind-opening idea. Though you may have never met him, he believes in you and your endless potential.

Chris Postill

An inventive musician, designer, and podcaster, Chris is on a quest to enjoy all that makes life worth living. Through his work he strives to understand humanity, but always with a smirk and a laugh.